Patient Advocacy Group Mapping​

We bridge the gap between the industry and the patients with an expansive network of over 20,000 Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) worldwide, our platform is uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled access to diverse patient populations across the globe. Our services are designed to empower pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and agencies with the insights and connections necessary to foster meaningful collaborations, drive patient-centric research, and accelerate the journey of therapies from lab to lives.

Our data mapping capability stands at the core of our offering. By leveraging this advanced technology, we transform scattered data into structured, actionable insights. This process allows for the identification of key patient groups, understanding of specific therapeutic areas, and discovery of unmet needs within various communities. With, you gain access to:

Comprehensive Data Mapping for Enhanced Decision-Making

  • A Global Database of PAGs: Explore our meticulously curated database encompassing PAGs across different countries and therapeutic areas. This vast network enables direct engagement with targeted patient communities, facilitating awareness and advocacy efforts.

  • Advanced Data Integration: Our data mapping technology integrates information from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of patient demographics, conditions covered, and advocacy focus areas. This integration supports more informed decision-making for clinical trial design, patient recruitment strategies, and market access planning.

  • Strategic Insights for Collaborative Success: We provide critical insights that help pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and agencies to understand the landscape of patient advocacy, identify potential collaborators, and tailor their approaches to meet the needs of specific patient populations.

  • Tailored Engagement Opportunities: Through our platform, you can connect directly with PAGs, enabling personalized outreach and collaboration. This direct line of communication enhances patient engagement, supports educational initiatives, and builds lasting relationships with key advocacy groups.