Pharma on social media, good idea?

Due to strict regulations, numerous pharmaceutical companies are very cautious about their presence on the social medias, therefore they often prefer not to play in this game rather than taking any risks. While 50 largest drugmakers worldwide, only half are involved on social media and only 10 of them use all three of the largest social media site – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  So, what are their incentives? Which results are they getting? Is it worth it?  

To help you on your way, we have put together some benefits and some tips that will help you to master social media marketing for this year.

What to do on the social medias?

We would advise to split your activity on the social media into four different areas:

  • Company’s profile (LinkedIn)
  • Careers (Corporate pages)
  • OTC (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Prescription Only Medicine with Marketing Authorisation (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook)

Obviously, the content will depend on the activity of your company and your product, whether it’s an OTC, licensed or unlicensed medicine, the messages and regulations will be different.

However,  whatever are your products, post the company’s activities on Linkedin, promote your presence at national and international exhibitions, share the internal activities of the company, etc.

On a product point of you, you can display videos of the mechanism of action, post images, sponsors made to partners, announce a launch, etc   

What are the benefits?

Make some noise, communicate! Let the people know what you do, show that you’re dynamic company. Even if you are well-known, don’t miss out the opportunity to remind people what you do as a company or the benefits of your brand.

The other considerable advantage of the social medias is that you will have a view on what is said by the public, gather any positive and negative feedback will give you valuable insights of your brand and help you to build or adapt/change your brand strategies.

You can engage with the customers, understand patients’ needs, experiences and eventually get some great KOLs in your pocket!

Most importantly, your presence on the social media will allow you to monitor more adverse events and see your competitors’ activity, what is said about their products.

The results of your presence on the social media will be well ahead from the time spent to write and approve those posts!

Top tips

1. Tell a story

Turn the promotional content into a story, send out strong key messages

2. Embrace video content and images

Those are going to boost the traffic on your social media channels, they are eye-catching and attracting to users.

3. Keep calm and keep posting!

A constant activity is important, it shows dynamism and energy to the readers. The opposite effect will happen if you stop posting.

Keep in mind that…

  • The use of social media is considered as proactive activity, therefore mentioning a product will be a promotional activity – Only mention products having a Marketing Authorisation
  • The company is responsible for the activity of an employee on social media if the activity relates to the company of its products. Make sure you have a policy in placed – see template here (add  link attachment) 
  • The audience is the general public, ensure that any information provided comply with the Code requirements for information to the general public

Want to make sure that you make the most of the social medias? If you do, then it may be worthwhile trying out some of our tips. You may be surprised by just how much social media can do for your business.